What To Wear To Weddings For The Summer

If you ever caught your self thinking "What should I wear to a wedding" even more confusing, the wedding is during the Summer. Well, we are going to help you out here today.

Breathable cotton

1) GO LIGHTER IN FABRIC: You have a lot of options for summertime suiting fabrics. From breathable cotton to seersucker, and don't forget tropical weight wools.

They are all are good options, but we tend to prefer the most classic of options is linen, which will have a stiff, slightly wrinkled and relaxed look.

We also like blended linens, like linen-silks, which makes the drape more elegant while retaining the lightness for hot weather.

Light color tuxedo

2) GO LIGHTER IN COLOR: There’s something just not right about a dark navy suit on the shores of a Greek island. Use this opportunity to celebrate the season and opt for lighter shades for your outfit.

Light tan or sky blue is a perfect choice, and a bit more interesting than a light grey.

All three choices are versatile enough for you to wear once the weddings are over.


3)GO UNSTRUCTURED AND UNLINED: Finally, when possible, make sure your suit is unlined. This will relax the structure of the suit but make it a lot more breathable and bearable, especially in humid weather.

Not all suits will be available unlined, but at the very least look for partially lined suits if you want to avoid being marinated in your own sweat at the end of the day.

Should the suit come fully lined, don’t fret. As long as you make sure the fabric of the suit itself is Summer appropriate you should be fine.


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