How to find out what is your body type?

A lot of people including us will say that you need to determine your body type to be able to style yourself correctly, that also helps you to decide on the type of workouts, diets, sleeping hours that will work the best for you. Now what we need to understand is even tho we use the word “body type” for all the fields mentioned earlier the way of determining the “body type” differs. The one we are going to discuss today has to  do with fashion:

There 3 steps to this process:

STEP 1: You should start with measuring your chest, just make sure to stay horizontal all around the body.

STEP 2: This where most people make mistakes you should not measure around your belly button, but just below your rib cage.

STEP 3: The widest point is not where you can feel your bones it is actually lower, for most women it’s about at the level of the crotch.

P.S: Make sure you are wearing your underwear or comfortable clothing for more accurate basements.

Now let’s get to know what type of body you have.

  1. TRIANGLE SHAPE: This is your body type if the widest part of your body is your hips, this the most common shape. If this your body type then we advise you to focus on showing your legs more (that’s Beyonce body type she shows her legs a lot and it works great for her)
  2. INVERTED TRIANGLE SHAPE: This is the case if the widest part of your body is your chest and shoulders, this body type is usually reached by training rather than nature, it’s a sporty type with narrow hips and wider shoulders.
  3. THE APPLE SHAPE: Now that’s a mean way to describe it, let's call it the Catherine Zeta-Jones type, because she is a sexy lady, and unfortunately her body type doesn't get the recognition it deserves  
  4. THE HOURGLASS SHAPE: The man’s fantasy body type, also known as the mermaid body type. A perfect example is Sofia Vergara.
  5. THE RECTANGLE: You have this body type id the width of your shoulders is almost the same as your hips 

We are going to show you how to dress and style these different body types in future blogs.

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