Top 3 Rules For Wearing Accessories As Men

Most guys still think until this day that wearing accessories is too feminine or it’s a little bit too much, well here at T.A.B we think otherwise, but to be completely honest as men there is a few rules and regulations that we need to follow. Today we are going to talk about the top 3 important in our opinion:
Men accessories
NUMBER 1: Wearing too many accessories, to make it simple and clear, the more you wear the more they show but in a bad way, let us explain. Accessories are supposed to complement an outfit not overpower it, wearing more than one accessory from the same kind usually in a “NO NO” to us men. One simple “hack” that you can use is when you’re done picking your outfit and your accessories show too much, then you probably need to cut them down a little bit.
Men bracelet
NUMBER 2: The fit. It might not seem that important but it actually plays a big role in how the whole outfit is going to look eventually, let’s take bracelets as an example if it is oversized it would look baggy on your wrist, make it look smaller and maybe even a little bit feminine, when you wear a bracelet you need it to be just right, of course, there are exceptions to this rule but for most cases this is something you need to keep in mind.
Men accessories
NUMBER 3: it’s wearing no accessories, yes you read that right, it’s your decision eventually to whether you wear accessories or not that day, some days a simple watch is enough and some other days you can throw in a bracelet or a necklace, again you can use the mirror “hack” just stand there and decide for yourself, if you think you look great, then rock those accessories, because they can give you a significant boost of confidence.

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