5 style tips for men

The problem with us men is we don’t really try to understand style and how it can elevate how we look, so by reading this you already separated yourself from 80% of men who wants to look stylish, but put no effort in learning how. Now let jump into the tips:

Men fashion
  • Get everything adjusted: Ok not necessarily everything, but the important basic pieces of clothing such as pants, shirt, and jackets they should all go to the tailor and be adjusted.
  • Men fashion


  • Don’t buy only black and brown for your shoes:  Colored leather and suede are fantastic shoe options. Get a little crazy with reds, blues, and grays. Don’t worry about matching a belt to each one — a black belt with gray shoes or a brown one with oxblood red is fine.
  • Men fashion

  • Watch any movie starring Cary Grant: We recommend this video for you gentlemen (click me).
  • Men fashion
  • Shop with a friend: This one is very important because Salespeople are paid to sell you things whether they look good or not. Take a friend who’ll tell you to your face when you look like an idiot.
  • Men fashion
  • Have two nice white dress shirts: Make sure they’re free of stains and wrinkles, ready to go at all times. They go with everything.

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