5 Accessories Every Man Must Have

Hello everyone, you know what really sucks? When you try an outfit out and it looks incomplete, it's missing something. You feel that it is ok but nothing special. Do you want to know why? and most importantly do you want to know how to fix it? 
Simply that's because you're missing some elements so spice it, you're missing ACCESSORIES.
Accessories do an amazing job upgrading your style, there are accessories for every scenario and situation, and for that reason, We are going to give you today 9 accessories that every man should have in his arsenal.

Men ring

1) Rings: Most men mind wearing rings because they think they are too feminine or they think that they can't pull it off. Trust us when we say that the secret is to get a ring that compliments your personality. If you're edgy you can something like a skull ring, if you want to go for a casual look then look for black rings they are neutral. There is definitely something out there for everyone, try to experiment wearing it on different fingers the amount on each hand until you feel comfortable then that's probably what works for you the most.

Men sunglasses

2) Sunglasses/Specs: This an accessory that one guy can benefit from, as soon you wear one you will instantly look cooler. if you are lucky and you have a perfect vision, that does not mean that you can't rock them. wearing the right frames with the right color could make you look smart, mysterious, elegant it all eventually depends on what are you trying to go for. Trust us when we say sunglasses can change your look completely. 

Men watch

3) Watches: Nowadays less and fewer men are wearing watches because of stuff like smartphones and smartwatches, which is completely fine. Why you ask? Because you instantly stand out when you are wearing a nice watch. wearing a watch suggests to people that you are classy, responsible and that you value your time.

Men wallet

4) Wallet: A lot of men think that wallets are just something simple to carry their cards, money, photos, receipts... and that's it. Well, let's put this way that is something you should definitely not overlook, Imagine this scenario you're on a date everything is going well than when it's time to pay the bill, you pull out an old scratchy wallet. How do you think that looks from her side?  Trust us it's completely worth it to invest in a good wallet.


5) Bag/Backpack: Yes, they are accessories, and these are massive simply because everyone is going to see them. You probably yourself notice so many guys rocking old gym sacks carrying a beat-up backpack, which is unintentionally killing their style. Invest in something that you are going to be proud of wearing, whether you go to college or the gym or even work.  

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